River shipping digitally optimized

I've always wanted to write something about river shipping. Because of the 3 s and 3 f in series. And because amazing digitality lives in the background of the travel experience.

We stumbled across river cruises at Viking River Cruises. Not as passengers, but as consultants and digital service providers.

Global locations, systems and processes

Rivers are everywhere. It is therefore not surprising that a specialist in river shipping operates ships in many countries, provides services, sells tickets, produces documents... and must be organized globally in commercial and legal terms.

As always, you only think about this when you look at a company from the perspective of a service provider - and not from the perspective of the typical customer.

As an implementation-oriented management consultancy, we at EFEXCON often start with technology. Customers have technology in use - or would like to use technology, because specialist users have often already identified a technology as a solution to a task.

Change of perspective.

In order to make technical solutions a success, we need to have a precise understanding of the task and the target expectation.

And success begins with a shared understanding of whether ACTUAL or TARGET processes are to be supported technically, how the organization moves from ACTUAL to TARGET if the technology can only support the TARGET, when the technical implementation is considered complete (Definition of Done - DoD) and why the selected technology is actually the best solution for the task.

It is not uncommon for our customers' perspective to change during what we call a "situation analysis". Or the approach already chosen is confirmed with a clear DoD.

Projects, documents, collaboration

At Viking River Cruises, we were able to use our process model to develop specialist concepts and support technology selection. The main objectives were to improve collaboration, optimize the use of the MS Azure Cloud and design and implement file management concepts for international locations that are not yet technologically advanced.