Strategy consulting (business and digital)

We help companies to develop and implement their strategic and sustainable future viability with regard to their business models as well as their organizational and digital capabilities.

Modern strategy consulting seamlessly dovetails corporate strategy and digital strategy. Clarity in the corporate goals allows the concrete derivation of the necessary digital capabilities to support the organization in achieving its strategic goals.

Business strategy vs. digital strategy consulting

When developing your business strategy, we generally focus on the future viability of your company. We analyze your organization, your processes and your service portfolio in comparison to your strongest competitors. We also support medium-sized companies in the preparation and implementation of a Company succession.

In digital strategy consulting, we focus on identifying the digital core topics relevant to your company that can sustainably improve the efficiency of your performance processes that are crucial to your business strategy. In doing so, we generally analyze your Enterprise Application Integration ArchitectureYour Data strategy and your application landscape for short, medium and long-term action requirements.

Integrative strategy consulting

The previously common separation of business and digital is understandably becoming increasingly interlinked. While DIGITAL used to be strongly linked to infrastructure and was perceived as a subordinate service layer, DIGITAL now means DIGITAL today above all cloud, platform as a service, enterprise data and automation, and is thus directly the backbone of business processes and business requirements.

To be successful in this environment, companies need a clear business strategy with an optimally aligned digital strategy.

In addition, this approach allows digital products or services to be developed to meet the needs of new target groups and stand out from the competition.

Transparency and feasibility

As strategy consultants, we create transparency and replace "buzzwords" with comprehensible scenarios and decision-ready templates.

In relevant scenarios, we develop specialist concepts and technical prototypes for feasibility studies in order to assess the plausibility of the risks and opportunities of projects.

Independent and inspiring

As consultants, we provide companies with an independent perspective on their business and bring fresh ideas. Good practices as well as our methods and tools help you to think about the future direction of your company according to your ideas, to structure it methodically and to communicate it in a structured way.

Deriving the digital strategy from the business strategy allows for a very focused approach in which we can help you to identify and understand digital opportunities and their practical impact on your company.

The clever combination of business strategy consulting with digital strategy consulting closes the gaps in pure business strategy consulting.