Digital budget management (Solina)

As part of the strategic change from the Big Picture 2022, Solina deliberately developed a collaborative approach that integrates cost center managers directly and easily into budget planning and decision-making processes.

Budget management is an established financial process in many organizations for planning, monitoring and tracking income and expenditure. Companies usually plan budgets for individual departments, planned projects or as an overall budget for the company. The management of adherence to the planned budgets is usually in the hands of the managers responsible for their department.

The quality of the planning and the effectiveness and efficiency of budget management vary considerably and, depending on how the budget is calculated, may result in excessive spending.

Solina Foundation - modern, digital, human

Solina Foundation is a non-profit sponsorship of the Solina Spiez and Solina Steffisburg operations. The foundation provides the infrastructure and resources to offer housing, care and support to people of all ages. This year, the foundation is once again one of the best employers in its size category.

The fact that the foundation consistently scores top marks as an employer is certainly due in part to the modern culture and digital maturity of the organization. Even the budget management process has been supported digitally and with a collaborative, decentralized approach for several years.

Centralized vs. decentralized budget management

In many organizations, budget management is a centrally orchestrated process of the finance department, which sometimes entails considerable organizational coordination efforts in order to procure planning bases, create dozens of Excel sheets, fill them, consolidate them and finally approve them in dozens of loops.

Solina has deliberately developed a collaborative approach that involves the cost center managers in the planning phase in an uncomplicated and direct way in the planning and decision-making process.

With the help of an online app (Power Platform), Solina provides the cost center managers with a budget proposal that is derived from previous years and shows the trend of the last 6 real booking months.

Cost center managers (KstVA) can thus use the figures from previous years and the calculated proposal for cost center and cost types to record adjustments with reasons where changes appear sensible.

Once the planning has been completed, each KstVA can "close" its cost center and passes it on to its superior for review. Consolidation takes place in this way at department, division and overall company level.

Analytical reports (Power BI) are available throughout the entire process, which simplify the assessment from different perspectives and also support the preparation for approval by the Board of Trustees.

Digital and agile

As professionals in the design and implementation of digital organizations and processes, we also introduce agile working methods to our customers. At Solina, we were also able to structure a wide range of topics in requirements management using backlogs and implement them digitally with the help of sprints.

However, strategic clarity and a realistic understanding of the organizational impact and inertia of organizational change (change management) are important boundary conditions that need to be clarified or created before embarking on specific digital projects.

At Stiftung Solina, we were able to draw up the first "big picture" strategy document in 2016 and have been supporting the organization ever since, as well as supporting supplier and project management in specific projects.

The current Big Picture 2030 now replaces the first version after 6 and creates a new guideline that takes into account the enormous maturation since the launch.

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