Sending credit cards is a tricky business. There are potential security risks at every stage of production and delivery. And every process change must be carefully planned and implemented in an auditable manner.

We were able to digitize and automate the existing organization to make it audit-ready.

The document-based inventory organization with approval requirements at every maturity level of the credit card creation and shipping process was labor-intensive. Staff absences or high workloads were difficult to compensate for and increasing order volumes became a challenge.

We modeled and coordinated the technical processes with Signavio in order to have the technical blueprint of the digitally implemented processes at hand for audit processes.

We realized the technical implementation on the basis of Microsoft SharePoint and the add-ons from BPA Solutions (Switzerland).

The successful introduction of the digital process chains and tools, at the latest after the first successful external audit, also provided employees with an additional measure of security, which further increased the high level of acceptance.

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