Mobile Fieldservice (Innogy)

Mobile field service is an important part of utility maintenance in the energy sector throughout the country.

In the energy sector, mobile field service is an important part of the maintenance of utilities throughout the country. In our case, it was about digital support for dangerous work on medium and high-voltage grids.

Only close cooperation between the control center and field service staff ensures that employees can work safely on infrastructure with life-threatening voltage potentials. 

Mobile digital support was previously considered unfeasible. Comprehensive legal regulation, strict safety regulations, technological restrictions and cyber security concerns had so far nipped any approach in the bud. 

A detailed investigation with fresh ideas and a clever combination of existing processes and new digital procedures then achieved the breakthrough.

Mobile field service as a lighthouse project

In the specific project, we were able to clarify the boundary conditions with the specialist department and security experts, all of which were prerequisites for implementation from a legal and security perspective.

In mobile apps (tablet and phone), interactive deployment planning, team coordination via chat, route planning to the deployment site, support for the switching conversation and the "live" view of switching statuses from the control center were mapped.

In order to optimally support accessibility and hands-free operation as well as working in difficult lighting conditions, we have implemented the app in such a way that switching instructions can be read out by the app.

To make this app possible, we had to design and implement a secure gateway to enable communication between the app and the control center across various security zones.

In addition, the configuration and administration of master data and user information as well as the integration of biometric logon procedures in the company directory were implemented.

Conclusion and outlook

In further expansion stages, the digital architecture allows further improvement through

  • Body sensors for identifying critical personal conditions, including alerting emergency services
  • Augmented reality to support the work process
  • Integration of previously fragmented data processes
  • Support for repair and spare parts processes

 and much more.

We still have many ideas and are in a position to implement them. In general, we see the following scenarios in which we can be a good partner:

What is mobile field service actually used for in the energy industry?

Mobile field service technology is needed in the energy industry for various reasons:

  1. Maintenance of electricity grids: The energy industry includes electric and gas utilities that are responsible for ensuring a stable electric and gas grid. Mobile field service solutions help to maintain the electricity and gas grid by enabling technicians to quickly respond to and rectify any problems that arise in the field.
  2. Maintenance of systems: The energy industry has numerous systems such as power generators, transformers and lines. Regular maintenance and servicing of these systems is crucial to ensure a continuous energy supply. Mobile field service solutions enable technicians to monitor the condition of these systems and carry out maintenance work as required.
  3. Inspection and troubleshooting: Mobile field service solutions also facilitate the inspection of systems and enable technicians to identify and rectify faults before they lead to major problems.
  4. Improving customer satisfaction: Mobile field service solutions enable technicians to respond more quickly and effectively to customer inquiries. This improves customer satisfaction and trust in the energy supply company.

Overall, mobile field service technology in the energy industry can help to increase efficiency, reduce costs and improve the quality of energy supply.