Passion for your success is our top priority.

We help great companies realize their full potential. As analysts, advisors/consultants and in implementation management, we help you to identify and prioritize the issues that are most important to you, to prepare for their implementation and to manage their successful implementation, thereby effectively implementing transformations.

The fundamental findings of the major consulting firms are also the central basis of our work. Our focus for you is the practical implementation of identified trends and core priorities in the specific context of your company. We deliver customized services for your success.


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Rüdiger Gros
Managing Partner

Rüdiger Gros, founder and CEO of the EFEXCON Group, began his Master's degree in Business Administration and Marketing at the Graduate School of Business Administration in Switzerland in 2004.

Even his first thesis generated such enthusiasm among his marketing professor at the time that he wanted to implement the thesis as a company.

Instead of a Master's degree, Rüdiger Gros therefore completed his Bachelor's degree in record time and with distinction after just one year and founded his first company in Switzerland, which is the cornerstone of the EFEXCON Group.

With more than 40 years of experience, multiple awards and numerous success stories as an entrepreneur, visionary, innovation driver, turnaround and interim manager, Rüdiger Gros now heads the EFEXCON Group.


Change is unstoppable. How actively we steer the direction and the effects is in our hands.

Leading companies venture into new topics earlier than others and have the support of their employees.

Buzzwords such as Data Driven Enterprise, Enterprise Information Model, agile mindset and modern cloud technologies are the modern tools for ongoing success.

With more than 40 years of experience as an entrepreneur, strategy consultant, business transformation manager and digital architect, I support our clients and teams in designing and implementing this blueprint for success.

Success needs commitment. And sometimes just a smile and patience.


Software development, data, digital architecture and technology have always been a part of my education, studies and career.

In addition to the development of various software solutions (ERP systems, warehouse systems, mobile field service solutions, control of driverless transport vehicles, award-winning business travel solution, etc.), I have been responsible for numerous implementation and turnaround projects for complex systems.

In all development and implementation projects, it is repeatedly shown that digital projects without reference to the corporate strategy are as unsuccessful as strategy and business model development without a suitable digital blueprint.

The complex combination of strategy, organization, process, data and the appropriate digital support is my area of expertise.

My up-to-date knowledge, extensive experience and various awards from critical, strategic and complex projects in various industries are an important foundation for leading clients to success in a realistic and practical manner.

Dr. Andreas Hoffmeyer
Managing Partner


Dr. Andreas Hoffmeyer provides over 15 years of experience as an executive, entrepreneur, change manager and consultant.

After his interdisciplinary studies in industrial engineering, he completed his doctorate on the topic of dynamic augmented reality in the factory life cycle.

Andreas Hoffmeyer then took on his first project and team responsibilities at a large automotive OEM, where he also learned the consulting trade in internal top management consulting.

He then set up the board projects department for the owner and his deputy of a large fashion retailer.

Today, he helps companies to achieve sustainable, value-oriented alignment and effective change in their business.

In the past, he has always managed complex projects and programs in a wide range of specialist disciplines, often leading them out of crisis situations and to success.

Dr. Hoffmeyer thus provides a holistic understanding of the organization and supports our customers and our own teams.


Value-based consulting means helping clients to recognize and increase the value in their company and to develop sustainable strategies for the future.

To be effective, we need to focus on the values that guide us today and tomorrow and act accordingly, even if it is not always the easiest way.


15+ years of industry and consulting experience in the automotive, fashion retail, logistics and finance sectors.

Strategy development and implementation as well as the realignment or sharpening of the business have always been a key focus. I also have extensive experience in organizational development and change management.

In the past, I have regularly led projects out of crisis situations and shown new ways to find solutions.

My focus on value-based strategy, digital strategy and business model development is an important basis for helping you to master your challenges sustainably.

Customer testimonials

Experience and integrity are our foundation

As an owner-managed group of companies, we focus on integrity, long-term business relationships and sustainable value development. Since the Foundation 2005 In Switzerland, we advise and support great companies in their strategic orientation and the effective and efficient use of modern data and software concepts with the necessary digital architecture.

Rüdiger Gros as CEO and Dr. Andreas Hoffmeyer as Chief Financial and Business Development Officer (CFBDO) are responsible for managing the Group. Both have known each other since Andreas Hoffmeyer's doctorate, when he still represented the client side and experienced EFEXCON as a consulting company.

Today, they work together to continuously develop the consulting business in order to provide customers with optimal advice and support in its implementation.

What moves us

We envision a world in which companies drive the creation of an environment worth living in with outstanding products and services. We are convinced that real innovation in many small and medium-sized companies is the best way to create this world. 

That is why we inspire and support companies to translate their vision into value-oriented strategic goals, to consistently subordinate organizational and digital initiatives to the developed strategy and to implement them effectively.

Strong leadership and courage in implementation are rewarded with a fundamentally higher degree of effectiveness of the investments made. Refreshing organizational and digital flexibility as well as new, competitive capabilities are your insurance that you will continue to shine as a great company in the future.

Our values.

Our services.

We have always been driven by the desire to identify untapped potential in companies of all sizes, to harness this potential and thus make companies fit for the future, resilient and even more successful. In particular, the conviction that the FUTURE must be shaped NOW.

We are driven by strategic clarity, interdisciplinary work, the clever use of suitable (digital) tools and a clear commitment to creating added value with our clients personally and on an equal footing.

We call this value-based consulting. We see ourselves as independent, but committed to our clients. We help you to recognize and increase the value in your company and to develop sustainable strategies for the future.

To be effective, we need to focus on the values that guide us today and tomorrow - and act accordingly, even if it is not always the easiest way.

This mission not only means something different for every company, it also demands of us as consultants that our work does not end at the edge of the film, but only when the result has been realized at the customer's premises.

Strategy consulting

You decide the market position of your company yourself. We help you to develop and achieve your goals.

Concept development

We help companies to develop their goals in a clever, effective and value-adding way, from the idea to the concept.

Project management

Only implemented concepts have an impact. We manage the sustainably successful implementation of your concepts.

Our order types

After working hours

Classic type of assignment with invoicing according to service days and expenses on the basis of performance records.

By result

Agile work in consulting. Each sprint delivers defined results from the backlog with a fixed duration and fixed costs.

Profit sharing

Affordable basic remuneration plus defined profit-sharing, also of a medium to long-term nature.