IT Customer Service (Bauwerk Parquet)

Customer service is a structured method for effectively solving problems and improving customer satisfaction.

Customer service is a structured method for effectively solving problems and improving customer satisfaction.

As one of Europe's leading parquet manufacturers, Bauwerk Parkett offers an innovative and healthy range of parquet flooring with Swiss precision. With great passion, Bauwerk produces aesthetic parquet solutions with natural wood of the best quality. High-quality parquet creates a natural feeling of well-being.

Customer service managed effectively and efficiently

With a complex, heterogeneous IT system landscape, a small team at Bauwerk Parkett provides customer service across countries and manages the IT service providers at the locations in the respective countries centrally from Switzerland.

Time pressure and complex, multi-level customer service processes in a heterogeneous digital environment require a good idea and a scalable, flexible yet pragmatic approach. This is only possible with close digital integration and a high degree of automation.  

Low Code Solution and Enterprise Application Integration

This is where we started and digitally redesigned the complex, multi-level support organization:

We have mapped the ticket entry for end users in a SharePoint intranet with the help of workflow forms. Users therefore work in their familiar environment.

The central customer service system in Switzerland was implemented with the help of the SharePoint-based low-code solution from BPA Solutions so that support requests from all countries are collected in a central dashboard.

Customer Service employees classify the incoming support cases and either process them themselves or delegate them to external service providers. Delegation takes place with the help of interfaces so that status updates from the respective service providers are visible in the dashboard at Bauwerk Parkett.

Customer service system data is stored in a Microsoft SQL server whose tables are linked to SharePoint.


With a runtime of just 6 months from the analysis to the rollout of the MVP, the solution delivered the desired quick start - and is now in its 6th generation and has been extensively expanded several times before the next step: replacement as part of the company's cloud strategy.  

Why do companies use customer service solutions?

In customer service, so-called ticket systems are often used to provide a structured and effective method of managing requests, complaints or problems from customers or users. It enables companies to record, track and manage the various requests they receive from customers to ensure they are dealt with and resolved effectively.

Here are some of the reasons why a company or organization needs a customer service system:

  1. Centralization: ..enables companies to collect and manage all customer inquiries in one central location. This makes it easier to monitor inquiries and helps to avoid duplication of work.
  2. Prioritization: With a ticket system, companies can prioritize requests according to their urgency or importance. This allows them to prioritize resources and ensure that the most important requests are processed first.
  3. Tracking: ... allows companies to track the progress of a request, from submission to resolution. This helps them measure the time it takes to process a request and improve response times.
  4. Reporting: ... allows organizations to report on requests and measure key metrics such as the number of open tickets, average handling time, customer feedback, etc.
  5. Customer satisfaction: ... helps companies to improve customer satisfaction by ensuring that customer inquiries are dealt with quickly and effectively. This can help to improve customer loyalty and the company's reputation.

Overall, a customer service system is a valuable tool for companies and organizations as it provides an effective way to manage and resolve customer queries, improve efficiency and increase customer satisfaction.