Invoice Reporting Platform (Swisscom)

Invoice reporting is the backbone of TelCo providers for the complex billing of TelCo services to customers and partners

Invoice reporting is the backbone of TelCo providers for the complex billing of TelCo services to customers and partners. At Swisscom, this term refers to a complex system and process landscape that had reached its limits.

As experts in EAI, data analysis and information models, we were able to analyze the causes of the existing load effects and design the solution BluePrint for process, architecture and system changes.

Procedure model for the solution

During the analysis of the existing system landscape, we were able to identify various starting points through interviews with the system managers involved in order to achieve short, medium and long-term effects.

The resulting concept ideas were filtered using a priority and risk matrix and converted into an architecture BluePrint and a recommended action plan with investment and time requirements.

Thanks to comprehensive stakeholder communication, relevant decisions could be prepared at an early stage in order to realize short-term effects.

What is Invoice Reporting used for?

Invoice reporting for telecommunications providers refers to the creation of reports on the invoices issued to customers. These reports can contain various information, such as a summary of invoice amounts, the number of invoices issued within a certain period or a breakdown of charges for individual services or products.

The aim of Invoice Reporting is to provide telecoms providers with a better overview of their billing processes and the associated costs. By analyzing invoice data, they can recognize trends and identify issues that can impact invoice accuracy, customer service and business efficiency.

In addition, telecom providers can use invoice reporting to provide better customer service to their customers. By providing customers with more accurate and detailed invoices, they can improve customer satisfaction and reduce customer queries and complaints.

For TelCo providers (telecommunications providers), Invoice Reporting refers to the process of creating reports based on customer billing data. These reports provide customers with detailed insights into their telecommunications usage and billing.

Invoice Reporting enables customers to monitor and analyze their phone and data connections, their use of mobile services and other telecommunications-related transactions. These reports also allow customers to identify savings opportunities, for example by canceling unused services or adjusting their usage.

In addition, TelCo providers can use the Invoice Reporting function to improve the efficiency of their own business processes. By analyzing billing and usage data, they can identify trends that enable them to adapt their offers and services accordingly.