Ideas management (Henkel)

Good digitally supported idea management helps companies to increase their innovative capacity in the market, but also their employee loyalty.

Idea management has been an integral part of the Henkel Group's corporate culture for so long that digital support was still implemented on the basis of Lotus Notes (IBM).

Now that Lotus Notes is getting on in years and newer technologies promise added value, we had the opportunity to present our Ideagrid product as part of a supplier pitch.

Approaches with IdeaGrid

From the customer's point of view, many inquiries about idea management begin in the process phase of idea submission, through idea evaluation to the award ceremony. 

A management solution is then often sought to support this process and take over part of the Modern Workplace idea.

If customers are open to advice and the communication culture in the company is rather open, then it is worth providing for upstream and downstream processes in solution concepts in such a way that a possible extension of the process chains remains possible at any time, e.g.  

  • Upstream: Idea development and CIP, idea campaigns 
  • Downstream: knowledge and training management, project planning, controlling processes 
  • Accompanying: meeting and committee support 

In addition, depending on the culture in the company, gamification approaches can also be useful to boost the generation and development of ideas.   

Goals in idea management

Companies need idea management in order to increase their innovative capacity and gain competitive advantages. In general, it is a systematic approach to collecting, evaluating and implementing ideas and suggestions from employees. Here are some reasons why companies need appropriate processes and digital tools:

  1. Increasing innovative strength: ... promotes the creativity and innovative strength of employees by giving them the opportunity to contribute and implement their ideas and suggestions. By systematically collecting and evaluating ideas, the company can come up with new and innovative products, services or processes that set it apart from the competition.
  2. Increase employee loyalty: Involving employees in the innovation process makes them feel valued and taken seriously. This can increase employee loyalty and motivation, as they see themselves as part of the company and as important players in the innovation process.
  3. Cost savings: ... can help to reduce costs by encouraging employees to submit suggestions for improvements that help to make processes more efficient or make better use of resources.
  4. Quality improvement: ... can also help to improve the quality of products and services by enabling employees to identify problems and suggest solutions.
  5. Customer orientation: ... can also help to make the company more customer-oriented by encouraging employees to contribute ideas and suggestions on customer needs and requirements.

In summary, it can be said that idea management can help companies to increase their innovative strength, retain and motivate employees, reduce costs, improve quality and become more customer-oriented.

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